You know that look people give you? Uk the one where they think ur crazy for doing whatever you just did or told them? Well why is it that everyone feels the need to look at me that way when I tell them about my boy friend? And why the hell do I need to defend my relationship, it isn’t any of your beeswax, if I wanted you to be all up in my relationship I would have started dating you, but I didn’t so buzz off. I love my boyfriend more than anything and everything, I hate where he lives and the situation we’re in, but I know looking back in a few years I won’t regret a thing, because ik that this distance is only Going to make us stronger as a couple and individuals, ik that this distance and longing for each other will only make our togetherness sweeter and more fulfilling. Ik that all this distance will only make our love stronger and more fierce. I love you and miss you beby, and can’t wait for our life together to start :)

Time to grow up? I think so.. I’ve already got a job but it’s not even enough to pay basic rent in the ghetto.. Time for a second job I think.. Possibly even a third..

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You know…… just in case. 

The source does say CNN…..

Wat. Oh fuck no.


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superboiayden said: It was actually sixth grade lol i came in in the middle of the year right after ryans accident....i remember i was a loner was in chess club and staye after an went in early to the art room. I remember we had stayed after in mr belsaries class for club and some kid threw a stick through the open window and it hit you and i remember that was the first time we talked cause i got pissed and chucked the stupid shit back out the window almost got in trouble. You were my first friend in public school

Lol, i remember now, and i knew like right after i replied that it was wrong. I was like thinking about it bc 7th or 8th didnt sound right.. Lol. Uk they never got the kid in trouble nor did i ever get an apology from him bc he was some teachers kid

queer-kid said: how do you know boyfriend?

Ive known him since middle school, either 7th or 8th grade, but we had class together and became best friends pretty quick

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I want to see the day I reach the limit -.- But, limit, GTFO.

I’ve been on the limit before; over break. And let me tell you, it is NOT fun.

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Just because you got pissed doesnt mean you have to take it out on me. Im sorry your brother did whatever he did, even tho i have no idea bc u wont tell me right now bc it’ll make you more mad. Im just here to try and help. I love you thats what im here for to help and to care about you. Not be ur verbal punching bag. Your words hurt. Im only here to help, uk..





“other than getting a camaro and an ipad this christmas sucks”

iim’ds ufalcking sooc mad im rturnig crimsong with rage i want to jmudrer ever singylye oen soft hese mothERFUCKRERS

For Christmas next year I want a few dozen more middle fingers so I can shove them up your ass.

is this even fucking real? this has to be a joke. what’s happened with the world.

Seriously??? What about the people who all they wanted was their moms or dads back from overseas. What happened to christmas? Christmas is supposed to be about family and friends enjoying time together with your loved ones, not the presents, thats just a token of their love for you within their budget. Do you not realize how the economy is? Its still not the best, and the pay may be high but cost of livings higher and getting even higher. You shouldn’t worry about the overpriced technology thats going to be outdated probably within 6 months. Think about how much your family does for you and how much they sacrifice for you to have as much as they can give you. Money doesn’t grow on trees and even if it did, it’ll still need to pay for the bills, all of them. Gas, a/c, car insurance, electricity, water, mortgage/rent, house insurance, food (a lot more goes there than u realize..)credit card bills, medical bills, internet, home phone, cable, cell phones (usually not cheap either) and any others i might’ve missed, along with any incidentals or extras including clothes, shoes, iTunes, that favorite hobby of yours, that shirt you HAD to have, all of that costs money.. And that adds up so quickly and paychecks don’t usually add up as quickly as those bills.. Y’all need to give your parents some slack, they may not have been able to afford all the expensive gifts.. And the gifts aren’t even what matters.. Enjoying the time you have with family and friends before its too late..

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Whats even better than crying yourself to sleep? Crying yourself to sleep twice in the same night..